Tuesday, October 14, 2014


                                         by Bella    
Suddenly the tricky timer tingled as boiling popcorn cooked. Pop! A buttery smell quietly whizzed into the room from the microwave.

watching through the door I see it changes from light grey to sandy yellow. Others leaned forward hoping to see more.

 I feel very anxious. Boom! More popcorn shook off their skins. All of a sudden the white microwave quietly beeps and Mrs Kelly starts it again.

RRRR I hear a sound. Boom! Bang! More popcorn in birth. My nostrils jump with excitement. It sounds like a fireworks as the I hear the beep again. 

By Camo
I felt excited and nervous because I couldn’t see what it looked like. Wait! The smell was so good that I wanted to eat the popcorn. I see it going up and down and exploding.
Suddenly we hear the popcorn bursting as they were swishing. My tummy is growling, my nose is getting all the smell. I watch slowly as the door is opened.
Taking a humungous bite I taste the sweet buttery popcorn in my mouth.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Mrs Looij's Koala Boy looking for his Shine

Mrs Looij made this amazing collage by painting the background then searched through magazines to find pictures she liked. Cutting out the parts she liked, Mrs Looij fitted them together like a puzzle and glued them on the background. How many objects can you see in the picture?

Friday, July 25, 2014

The bedroom cleaning robot
The Bedroom Cleaning Robot
By Oscar Ellis

I made this robot with help from Colin who is a robot engineer. It was my idea to make a robot that could clean my messy bedroom. To build the robot we needed two levers, three lights, a fan and an old vacuum cleaner motor.  It took three sessions to make it and it works. If you want to make one talk to me and I’ll share the secret design with you.

The Big Bridge

Sitting in the car mile after mile with my  brother, sister, mum and dad in the morning was boring. Suddenly the car startled to a halt just before a Bridge. Everybody get out were going for a walk. We all got out and walked down a hill to a walkway under a bridge. All five of us slowly waddled across the quarter km Bridge.  The walkway was as skinny as two A4 papers.  We finally got to the end of the bridge and so we took photos of the Family minions (which mum and dad calls us three kids) and headed back to the car.  No way am I going to do that again!

By Megan.