Tuesday, October 14, 2014


                                         by Bella    
Suddenly the tricky timer tingled as boiling popcorn cooked. Pop! A buttery smell quietly whizzed into the room from the microwave.

watching through the door I see it changes from light grey to sandy yellow. Others leaned forward hoping to see more.

 I feel very anxious. Boom! More popcorn shook off their skins. All of a sudden the white microwave quietly beeps and Mrs Kelly starts it again.

RRRR I hear a sound. Boom! Bang! More popcorn in birth. My nostrils jump with excitement. It sounds like a fireworks as the I hear the beep again. 

By Camo
I felt excited and nervous because I couldn’t see what it looked like. Wait! The smell was so good that I wanted to eat the popcorn. I see it going up and down and exploding.
Suddenly we hear the popcorn bursting as they were swishing. My tummy is growling, my nose is getting all the smell. I watch slowly as the door is opened.
Taking a humungous bite I taste the sweet buttery popcorn in my mouth.

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